Aggregate Calculator

This calculator will help you to work out how much of our product you need for your project.
The calculator assumes the area that you are going use is rectangular. If you need to work out an area of a different shape, try breaking the area down into several rectangles, work out the total for each rectangle out then add up the results.

Please note that the calculator is a guide only.
It is not a guarantee of exact amounts.

Choose a product:

Input the length of the area
and select a unit of measurement:

Input the width of the area
and select a unit of measurement:

Input the depth of the area
and select a unit of measurement:

Click on the button for the result.

Answer = Tonnes
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MAL001 - 0/4 Sand - East Bilney

MAL002 - 4/10 Stone - East Bilney

MAL003 - 10/20 Stone - East Bilney

MAL004 - 4/20 Stone - East Bilney

MAL005 - 0/10 All-In Aggregate - East Bilney

MAL006 - 0/20 All-In Aggregate - East Bilney

MAL007 - 0/2 Building Sand - East Winch

MAL008 - 0/2 Asphalt Sand - East Winch

MAL009 - 0/4 Sand - Pentney

MAL010 - 0/4 Sand(Blended) - Pentney

MAL011 - 0/10 All-In Aggregate - Pentney

MAL012 - 0/20 All-In Aggregate - Pentney