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Crushed Brick Rubble

We produce crushed brick rubble at our Ketteringham, Cavenham and Blackborough End quarries. It's made by putting brick rubble from demolition work through our crusher removing any wood, plastic or metal and grading it to a 6f2 certificate standard. This material makes a great and inexpensive hardcore if you are not restricted in needing a 'Type 1' certificate material. It can even be used to surface farm roads and has been used for such jobs in the past. We also produce two other types of brick rubble which are 'Whole Brick Rubble' and 'Crusher-Run Brick Rubble'. The whole brick rubble is exactly what it say's, un-crushed brick rubble which is used by some as a hardcore fill material. Crusher-run Brick is brick rubble that we have run through our crusher only once to simply crush it down in size, there may still be some wood, plastic etc mixed in with it as it came into our quarry to be recycled. We can deliver our crushed brick rubble all over Norfolk, Suffolk, South Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire on our fleet of tippers.

Available for collection from:
East Bilney Quarry
Blackborough End Quarry

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Crushed Brick Rubble