Suppliers of Aggregates, Fill Materials and Plant Hire to the Construction Industry 

Peter Lemon Peter Lemon
Managing Director

Contactable for any major issues regarding the company's infrastructure.

E: peter@middaggs.co.uk
David Lemon David Lemon

Contactable for technical infrastructure issues relating to the company.

E: david@middaggs.co.uk
Richard Fuller Richard Fuller
Company Accountant


E: richard@middaggs.co.uk
Andy Fenwick Andy Fenwick
Sales Manager

Deals with any sales enquiries for East Norfolk & Suffolk.

E: andy@middaggs.co.uk
Andrew Simmons Andrew Simmons
Transport Manager

Deals with issues regarding our vehicles as well as West Norfolk, Lincs & Cambs sales.

E: andrew@middaggs.co.uk
Martin Freestone Martin Freestone
Production Manager

Contactable for issues with our quarries or for quarry health & safety issues.

E: martin@middaggs.co.uk
Melanie Curl Melanie Curl
Office Manager

Deals with any credit control issues.

E: melanie@middaggs.co.uk
Gary Slingsby Gary Slingsby
Plant-Hire Manager

Contactable for plant equipment & plant-hire operations.

E: gary@middaggs.co.uk
Owen Nicol Owen Nicol
Transport Controller

Organises our fleets deliveries for each day.

E: owen@middaggs.co.uk
Hayley Hill Hayley Johnstone
Plant-Hire Admin

Deals with plant-hire & lowloader enquiries as well as any issues with plant on site.

E: hayley@middaggs.co.uk
Edward Curl Edward Curl
Transport Admin

Deals with bag deliveries & assists the transport controller.

E: edward@middaggs.co.uk
Peter Vigus Peter Vigus
Accounts Payable

Deals with any accounts payable enquiries.

E: peter.vigus@middaggs.co.uk
Dan Godfrey Dan Godfrey
Sales & Web-Admin

Deals with POD requests & any website issues.

E: daniel@middaggs.co.uk